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The AJ Robot was launched in 2019.

A forex EA developer with a unique vision to provide exceptional superior trading setups quality education and state-of-the-art trading tools in the forex industry. As an outcome of a continuous focus on localizing our products and services to be suitable to each market.with our successful collaboration with talented and experienced teams from all over the world.

“We are passionate forex traders who wanted to help retail investors make money in the market. We know trading is hard and time consuming, which is why after years of development we have created an automated trading bot! Our AJ Forex EA bot has numerous built in indicators and strategies to ensure it’s only taking trades when there’s a good opportunity.

Our Goal is to create a community base on transparency and legitimate result for our users.

We in AJ ROBOT team will work hard to create the highest quality tools for your trading journey. What is company name and location?


Headquarter Office in DUBAI

*CEO and chairman
*Long-Distance sales Lawyer

Technical Team in United Kingdom

*Website maintenance Group

Happiness Customer Service


Marketing and Social Media Advertising

*United Kingdom

We create best Forex Robot

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Never worry about manual trading again!

We've created a system that provides great consistent results and we wanted to make it affordable so everyone can be part of the AJ Team! Never worry about manual trading again! Our team of developers is always working to improve the results of our bot, so we'll just keep getting better every year!

  • Why are we Proud of?:
  • With over 4500 orders for our robot , we have received so much positive feedback. There has been a considerable amount of demand from our users to expand our product range. Based on the positive comments, we’re working on expanding our range of products even further and taking our services to another level.

After completing the payment process send your account details to our support team to And you will get your license key within 24 hours. 

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